On the Road with Flower

2 Aug

While we are bored, sweltering and waiting for October, Marc-Andre Fleury has been in Africa.  Well fine.  I thought getting heat stroke at Hershey Park with Gator was an exciting event.

You can watch the interview [link] and get the mad giggles from listening to him talk.  Can you picture him in a pith helmet?  There is no one cuter than Flower.  Sid also misses the adorbs and is apparently visiting MAF this week in Montreal.  Gas up the car!

Clearly we need to reconsider how we spend our summer vacation.



One Response to “On the Road with Flower”

  1. Cassy August 2, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    If only I’d been with you! Super nurse here would have saved you from the heat stroke. Then I’d have got intern Jeff Skinner to fan you with giant palm leaves, in a loin cloth, maybe with Logan Couture (ditto) feeding you peeled grapes!!

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