A Very Merry Un-Monday

20 Jul

Mike heard y’all were bored, so he Tweeted a photo of himself fishing with his dad [link].  I’m not into fishing, but if you can wear sweatpants I am game.  My Dad and I usually go skiing together, because I also enjoy snowpants.

Chelski heard that Fidget and iCarly were back in DC today building a playground for KaBoom.  It is approximately 172 degrees Kelvin outside right now, so I hope he didn’t pack his sweatpants.  Unless we’re going to the movies (HARRY POTTER you know you want to!) where the a/c will be rolling in the deep.

PS: if you find manly playground construction photos, you know what to do.

UPDATE: from Capitals Overtime.  iCarly and Elliot from DC101 are in fact working on this.  I have a work event with Elliot tomorrow night.  Guess who is getting fangirled?

iCarly and his classmates working hard.


2 Responses to “A Very Merry Un-Monday”

  1. Cassy July 21, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    iCarly and Fidget are very brave and may I say I am hoping for them to be in shorts and not much more? Hardhats for safety reasons, but if they break into a Village People routine, I will have to have words…

  2. chelski July 22, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    I think only iCarly was “building” the playground this week…Perhaps MG52 will be part of the actual building later this summer. Silly iCarly and his tweets got this gal ALL excited for nothin’.

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