This One’s For Boston.

12 Jun

I can be open-minded and empathetic – while I am rooting for Vancouver, I’m not blind that for Chuck and Cassy and some of our other loyal readers, this is a, uh, how shall a put this, more passionate endeavor.

For me, I love the Stanley Cup Play-Offs right now because we are getting to see a rare sight. Two pretty even matched teams which makes it come down to a coaching mastermind of match-ups. Which is why home-ice advantage is key. As a hockey-lover, this is truly one of the most beautiful Stanley Cup play-offs because I’m not emotionally involved so I can actually watch from a more technical view-point; to appreciate the amazing coaching on each side and how they match each line and each skilled player, shift for shift when it REALLY matters.

So Boston fans, I wish the last game was just a bad dream and I hope Monday goes much better.


One Response to “This One’s For Boston.”

  1. Cassy June 12, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    Man I love that video! I love you too! I totally love the game but I’ve been disgusted by some of the actions of players and fans on both sides and I have to say disgracefully unsportsmanlike language and actions.

    Still rooting for my boys though. Deffo still loving my boys!

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