Summer of ’09

12 Jun

I know Chuck is having a moment with the Bruins right now, and I’m thrilled for her.  Because two years ago today, there was this:

It was a Friday.  I sent my office home early, gingerly arranged the bunny ears on the conference room TV and proceeded to spend three hours alone and freaking out.  At one point I was laying on the conference table kicking my feet like a five year old in a tantrum.  Everyone on the floors above and below must have been wondering, who the crap is Max Talbot?

I started crying long before it was over, but when it ended I was glad to be alone because not everybody gets it.  But you guys do.  So I hope that some year, your team wins.  Well no – really I hope the Pens win every year.  But if not my team then I hope it’s yours.


One Response to “Summer of ’09”

  1. Cassy June 13, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    I want to be you this week. The sad reality is that with my work schedule plus a 5 hour time difference, I’ll actually be asleep. No fun. I tried to stay up for game 7 against TB and fell asleep and my TIVO went into sleep mode.

    I will call in sick tomorrow with loss-related depression if the Canucks win tonight. Then I’m going to add Luongo to my hit list. At the rate they’re going their entire roster is going to be on it at this rate…

    I also clipped all my nails off so I can’t bite them.

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