WUYS – PSA – By Canadian Tire Jumpstart Days

11 Jun

OK – not this one – but it makes me laugh because it’s true.

These Canadian Tire charity ads make me cry whenever I see them watching the CBC and now there is a new round. In 2006, the ASCPA did a groundbreaking PSA with Sarah McLaughlin (cool Canadian to boot) using her song “Angle” which in they aired a 2 minute infomercial which has since brought in an astounding $30 million in donations. It established a new format for non-profits in how they would go about in reaching their audiences. I am no longer allowed to watch Animal Planet for similar reasons and I couldn’t make it through said ad.

But the below ones are worse than Hallmark cards or the old Ma Bell ads about calling your mom. I don’t have kids but I would empty my wallet to help a kid play hockey. We don’t run PSA’s like this in the US, which is too bad. Who ever makes these is a sheer genius. Keep it up. I hope they get tons of donations and a plethora of kids are getting a chance to at least try to play hockey! They get me every time even though I know how they end.


2 Responses to “WUYS – PSA – By Canadian Tire Jumpstart Days”

  1. Jaime June 11, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    Canadian Tire gives you like 5 cents back for every dollar you spend. They have Jump Start boxes by the doors when you leave, and they’re always filled with CT money and fivers etc. It’s a great program, especially when you consider the costs for playing minor hockey.

    In 2003 or so, registration costs for Bantam hockey was 300+…. just for registration. Tournament costs, equipment, etc all extra… it’s ridiculous. There’s no way less than rich families would be able to let their kids play hockey (or any other sport almost) without Jump Start and programs like it, which really is too bad. Our government is more concerned with buying old fighter jets with no engines, naming kittens, and using tax payer money to go to the SCF….

  2. dawncherrie June 12, 2011 at 1:15 am #

    That is so sad. I had no idea it costs that much to play hockey but that makes sense since I would imagine that the gear would be expensive. thanks for the info. I just love that commercial with the kid. he is adorable and it just kills me eevery time!

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