Down, But Not Out

20 Apr

Where have you been all my life season?!  The Blackhawks blew the doors off the Madhouse last night with a 7-2 win over Vancouver to keep from being swept, devastated and sent to the back nine with nothing but their ’10 Cup rings for company.

Dave Bolland had 1G + 2A.  Patrick Sharp had 2G, Patrick Kane had 2A.  Jonathan Toews was, and I quote the VS announcers, “marvelous” and “magnificent.”  Don’t let his 1A fool you, JTown was all over this game.  Duncan Keith and I had the exact same reaction when he scored to make it 3-1.  Round ’em up! [video]


In keeping with the series, bodies were flying too – except the Hawks finally gave as good as they got.  Bolland had 3 hits on his 4 point night and Troy Brouwer scared the crap out of someone’s grandma.

What a nice young man.

And there’s this photo: Battle of the Foxy Fridays.  On the left, you see me & Chuck (except one of us is not blond).  Chuck is watching the puck, because puck possession is the foxiest of attributes.  Pants might be mesmerized by the derp face.  Either way, it’s like waiting for the asteroid to crash into the Earth in Armageddon –  probably nothing will happen but you never know, and there might be space suits.  PS: Those kids on the right are on MulletWatch, we gave them $10.

Friday night. Just got paid.

I am inspired.  It shouldn’t take the threat of a sweep to light a fire but you definitely cling tightest when you’re falling off that cliff.  I believe in the Blackhawks.  As mentioned, Chuck and I Rock the Red Sox when hockey’s not around.  So we’ve learned not to count teams out when they’re down 3-0 against a bitter rival.

Six Impossible Things

Now the Hawks just have to get up Thursday and do it all over again against the best team in the League. At least they’ll get the chance.


2 Responses to “Down, But Not Out”

  1. Chuck April 20, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Excellent post friend. One of your finest ever. You managed to work in reference to NSync, the cinematic masterpiece “Armeggedon”, mullets, and grandmas all in one post. Well played. Well played, indeed.

  2. Lindsay April 20, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    My favourite part of this post? The grandmother’s reaction. Absolutely fabulous. You know she didn’t even want to GO to this game, and then sat front row at one of the most exciting games of the playoffs. Seriously, I still have this on my PVR – and it’s not getting deleted anytime soon.

    Is it insane that I now find Duncan Keith sexy after he not only scored a great goal, but retaliated against the Canucks after the hit on Seabrook? Delicious.

    Also – as a Canadian only able to watch the games on CBC, I’m SO jealous of your Versus coverage. While they were correctly rewarding Tazer with accolades following his awesome game, CBC kept talking about how both Toews and Kaner were having “disappointing games.” WTF? Plus, you know the CBC announcers are wearing Vancouver jerseys under their dress shirts. Pathetic.

    Fingers crossed for game 5.

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