Is It Over Yet?

13 Apr

Is it safe yet?

I can’t bare to look. The last thing I remember was Ovi stabbing at the puck like a fat girl trying to the grab the last cupcake at happy hour at Cupcake Royale and believe me, I KNOW because that is usually ME! And trust me, you don’t want your fingers anywhere between me and the last red velvet cupcake.

And then O.T. and then … and then … nothing. Like really bad well … we all know what euphemism I am suggesting here and it wouldn’t have anything to do with Kris Letang. Oh the miserable waiting while they went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Finally Mr. Cherrie commented that all O.T. goals are either scored in the first 2 minutes or the last 2 minutes and then Sasha Fierce brought down the house and Ovi threw him to the ice with alot of affection!
THANK F*&CKING GOD because I don’t think I could take it anymore. Of all the first round play-off games tonight this one was a heart stopper. I was literally trying to mentally will the puck into the goal from the couch and Pants and Chuck were texting me asking me if I was freaking out – “Why yes, OF COURSE!” And then because I got a new phone that I have NO IDEA how to work, I ended up calling Chuck EAST COAST time – she LOVED THAT – instead of texting her back.
Earlier in the day Pants thought I butt dialed her when I had actually tried to texted her too. Don’t you love that? Having friends think you accidentally butt dial them? “Oh sorry …I love you so much my butt dialed you …”  “Just thinking of you so my butt dialed you. xxoo”  “My butt just called to say it loved you. xxoo” So there is your happy play-off thought for the day. Maybe some day my butt will dial you too just to say ‘hi’ but it will more likely just text you to tell you – GO CAPS – OVECHKIN IS HOT!

One Response to “Is It Over Yet?”

  1. Pants April 14, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    I was texting while driving. If I get in an accident, I am blaming Ovi and sending BB my repair bill.

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