Intern Jeff Skinner: Winning!

31 Mar

Intern Jeff Skinner here, with a bone to pick.  I went all the way to DC this week and Pants didn’t even come to my game.  I know she’s busy and stuff, but if I can go to her office and move furniture, buy her lunch and spend an hour at the whiteboard outlining the math equation that is the Canes’ playoff hopes, the least she could do is watch me play.  Right?

Canes Casino Night just became an 18+ party.

While I’m at it, I think I deserve a raise.  I mean, I scored 2 goals against the Caps and pretty must single-handedly won the game.  Which Pants would know if she’d watched.  Instead she checked the score at 8 PM, forgot which coast she was on, and thought we lost 2-1.  But I wasn’t done yet!  I still had a game tying goal in me.  And a shootout winner. Did you hear that, Pants?!

Maybe feeling unloved works in my favor though. Not unloved by  the masses, mind you, since I’ve had 1.7 million invitations to the prom this year.  Just by my bosses at WUYS who don’t even post when I come to town!  But I’m over it, I really am.  And to prove it, I scored 2 more goals last night in Montreal.  Now Pants is singing some song I’ve never heard of called “It Takes Tw” by some group I’ve never heard of called “Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock” who were apparently famous in some year I’ve never heard of called “1988.”

Carolina is three points behind Buffalo and the NYR for the last playoff spot in the East.  We each have 5 games left.  It’s going to be tight right down to the wire, but if you call cross your fingers and the WUYS girls give us the support we deserve (*ahem*), I think we can do it.  GO CANES!

Someone in Carolina's got a sense of humor.


2 Responses to “Intern Jeff Skinner: Winning!”

  1. Cassy March 31, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    Now Jeff – Pants just moved herself across country and started a new job, plus she and the ladies went on an important fact-finding mission to Pittsburgh recently too. There is only one of her! And I’m sure Dawn could NOT be spared from her Ovechtrick Fan Club duties: It’s a lot of work for one woman.

    We did notice you and I’m sure they spotted all those squiggles on the whiteboard. I did when I popped in to water the plants. I wasn’t sure what they were, but kudos to you on the math! It wasn’t my strong point. Now biology on the other hand…

    You’re going to have a tough time making it to all those proms – have you ordered your powder-blue tux with the ruffled shirt yet? – and less of the digs about the year 1988. It was a VERY good year for all sorts of things. Crosby turned one, for one.

    Now stop pouting – and whining – or we’ll make you clean the WC for the next month. And ground you for prom.

    PS Although you do win some brownie points for going all the way to Boston for my favorite sodas and buying the extra-large boxes of Junior Mints. Your dedication is noted.

  2. Jackie April 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Ok I saw this and had to send it to you all. The intern in action.

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