With Friends Like This …

20 Mar

After seeing this clip last night I had a dream that Kris Letang shoveled me off the ice with his stick just like this. I don’t remember anything else because Poe decided to start yowelling like there was no tomorrow per his usual 4:00AM good morning Mom, I’m hungry – feed me now please. I presume it was because I was stalking I mean, we were playing a friendly game of WUYS shinny hockey because I vaguely remember wearing a jersey with those letters on it and Pants screaming with laugher that she was going to pee her pants. I don’t really ice skate well enough for this which was probably why I was escorted off the ice. Anyway, this clip was what prompted the dream.

Niklas Knonwall of the Detroit Red Wings shoveled his team-mate Patrick Eaves, off the ice, during a power play when they were short-handed, after he had blocked a shot and he was injured. Hilarious, yes but wow, give the guy a second, he just made a brilliant play to stop a goal and sacrificed his body. Detroit is a machine. But dude, get some feelings.


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