Sasha Squared = Bi-Winning!

7 Mar

Now you see me, in a second, you won't.

Hey all you Caps fans! Did I call it or what? Who’s on fire? Sasha Fierce is on fire!  Who saved the game tonight against Tampa? Sasha Fierce tieing it with less than 7 minutes to go.  My other Russian Machine nailed the coffin shut with a shootout goal. Who won the game in OT against Florida? Sasha Fierce. Confidence is sexy and both are showing it in spades! BOOM!

What would have happened if GM GM would have traded one of his most valuable ass-ets? We know he can’t trade first Sasha but thank the hockey gods he didn’t trade second Sasha and instead got everyone some awesome support. Now GM GM, WHERE’S MY GOALIE – because sweet Neuvy took it in the face tonight and Varly has been suspiciously absent – no complaint here about that but Holtby isn’t exactly who we need in right now. Just sayin’.

Because from rubbing Poe’s belly, I’m prognosticating something shiny, silver, tall and a lord for the Caps come June-ish if things keep going this way.


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