Winner Winner Bruin Dinner

4 Mar

The Bruins have won 7 in a row.

We like this.  We like this alot.

6 wins on the road including a huge win over the best team in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks and the Sedin Wonder Twins.

Last time the B’s won 6 straight on the road was waaaay back in 1972.  They won the Cup that year and they had some guy named Bobby Orr on the team.

Hockey God.

Yesterday’s 2-1 win over Tampa Bay, made it 7 Ws in a row for the Killer Bs.  It wasn’t a pretty win by any means, as the team struggled offensively and turned prime scoring chances in to jack squat.  A missed net here, a clanger off the post there.  Sometimes they didn’t even take a shot at all.  (I’m talking to you Nathan Horton.)

I’m a cautiously optimistic sports fan.  I don’t like saying too much or hoping too much on the off-chance that it all comes crashing down around me.

Maybe it is because I’m a Red Sox fan and we are all too familiar with disappointment.  It took us a long time to get over Buckner.  (18 years)


But I really really love this Bruins team.  Really.  Almost as much as I love my Prada backpack. (TTIHAY reference!)

The Bruins feel like a team that can stay in games even if they are trailing, execute their coach’s game plan, and remain calm, cool and collected.  They do more good things than bad things and that’ll win you games very time.

Winning is awesome. Just ask Charlie Sheen.

This Bruins team has an attitude.  A swagger.  A blue-collar bravado.

Maybe it has something to do with this…

Orr, Lucic, and Thornton featured in Dropkick Murphys’ new video.  Irish wake + shots of whiskey + hockey players = winning.

What ever the reason, I want more of it.  Much MORE!  Enough to fill the top of that pretty silver bowl…


One Response to “Winner Winner Bruin Dinner”

  1. Cassy March 4, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    Me too. With bells, shamrocks and green beads on. I am currently flicking through the back to beantown website, feeling all nostalgic and missing Boston and desperate for a women’s 91 shirt…

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