Third Time’s a Charm

28 Feb

It turns out The Force is not strong in this one.  It only works on Jonathan Toews.  For all my attempted mind control, the Blackhawks won yesterday but so did all the teams I wanted to lose.  Alas, two points are two points and it makes the win even more important.  It certainly didn’t come easily.

Toews got one to start the game.   Then sneakily redirected a shot from newly minted 5-year, $29 million contracted Brent Seabrook [video].

At the end of regulation it was still 3-3.  Like he does, Toews opened the shootout.  And scored the only goal [video]:

Kiss it goodbye.

The Hawks have won four in a row and are currently in 9th place, tied with the Wild, Stars and Preds at 72 points.  They face the Wild tonight in Minnesota, at 7 PM ET on Versus.  To get psyched for the game you should watch Jon’s mom embarrass him with home movies and old stories, then thank Heaven your parents didn’t have a video camera.  Just in case you’re ever famous and/or danced on your couch in a Avs jersey (guilty).


2 Responses to “Third Time’s a Charm”

  1. Brittany February 28, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    May or may not have fantasized about having his children. He will always be Captain Serious in my book.

  2. Deanna February 28, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    “I’m trying to lose the whole Captain Serious thing and she’s not helping…” TOO CUTE!

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