One Year Mark: Golden Goal

28 Feb

One year ago today, everyone I know was on Twitter or Facebook talking about how great hockey is as the US and Canada faced off in the Olympic gold medal game.  We could hear them cheering in our apartment complex, and it wasn’t the two Russian guys down the hall.

My response: I have been telling you this FOR YEARS.

And then, because truth is better than fiction, this:

Not because I wish I were Canadian.  Not even because Crosby is my favorite player on my favorite team.  Just because, as everyone realized for a few short days, hockey is awesome.

Maybe I’m a terrible American for how much I wanted this.  The US fought their hearts out, but this was the right ending for the story.  Just like our favorite Miracle on Ice story, sometimes fairy tales come true.

All the WUYS faves: Crosby, Iggy, Joey, Nash-ty, EStaal, TGB Doughty, Weber plus Old Man Neidermayer and Toews isn't even derping in the top corner.

On a not-so-side note, I feel this is also the opportunity to just put this out into the universe and hope someone is listening:  come back soon.  We miss you, the Pens miss you, heck I think even Dawn misses hating on you.   Today TSN read a roster of 40 players currently out with concussions (40!).  I held my breath hoping they weren’t going to say your name, that maybe you were surprising us all.  But there you were, almost last on the list.  It feels wrong to chase the Cup without you.


2 Responses to “One Year Mark: Golden Goal”

  1. Cassy February 28, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    My buddy was passing through town & left in disgust when the game started. On live tv here! I just started talking hockey. Gone, baby gone. I did actually predict that USA would equalise right before the buzzer sending it to extra time… And that Sid would get the winning goal. I still wish I’d placed a bet on that. I was also watching whilst covering my eyes so I nearly missed the goal. I didn’t miss the rest of it or the closing ceremony though lol.

    40 concussions is not good, but I’ll happily share the other side of my bed given I’m sick too with anyone that has made my top 5. Wait – that’s like 2? Cuddles anyone?!

  2. Brittany February 28, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    It’s amazing how hockey isn’t awesome anymore, according to 95% of the people I know. The Olympics are a magical thing…and as much as Americans wished for the gold, it just wasn’t going to happen. Not if Sidney had any say.

    Of course, I was rooting for the US…but I screamed in joy and jubilation when Sid scored in OT. Then, I was promptly disowned by a family who doesn’t like hockey 1/59 as much as I do. I tried to explain to them that it HAD to be that way. Canada had to win. Sid had to score the golden goal. They don’t get it.

    …but seriously, Sid come back. We’ve had enough. Staalsy can only get me through for so long.

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