Fortunes, Forecasts, Lucky Charms!

27 Feb

I love the playoff race.  I love teams making a last, desperate stretch, like diving headfirst into home plate for that go-ahead run (to mix my sports metaphors).   Most years, the defending Cup champ makes the playoffs (last 10 years = 1 miss: Carolina ’07).  In ’08 and ’09, it was the same two teams in the final both years.  We’ve talked at length (too much?) about the Blackhawks this season.  Well they are moving.

Chicago has won three games in a row. Today they play Phoenix, and can close within 3 points of the 4th place Coyotes with a win.  Perhaps even more important are the other games in the West today.  So here are my demands for the Universe this afternoon.


Columbus vs. Nashville: Columbus is two points behind Nashville and Chicago.  If the Hawks lose (stay at 70 points), Columbus could tie them or Nashville could pass them.  The Hawks should win, Columbus should win. The Jackets and Preds can be tied at 70 while the Hawks have 72.

St. Louis vs. Calgary: At 65 points, the Blues may not be out of the race.  The Flames cling to the 8th playoff spot with 71 points.  The Hawks should win, St. Louis should win. The Hawks would pass the Flames to tie the Wild and Stars for 6th place (both off today).

Colorado vs. Anaheim: The poor Avs have only 59 points while the Ducks are just back of the Hawks with 69.  The Avs snapped their epic losing streak, but they’ve dropped the last three.  If they can pull one off against Anaheim today it would really help.  The Hawks should win, Colorado should win.  Happy Pants.

Match sucks.

Your mission today, WUYS readers, is to put all your positive mojo behind the Hawks, Jackets, Blues and Avs.  If this works, there will be plenty of the Kaner Shuffle going on in the living room.

(If you haven’t seen this – my gosh.  Jimmy Buffett + Stanley Cup = my personal BOOM.  And I think Turco’s moves are my fave.)


2 Responses to “Fortunes, Forecasts, Lucky Charms!”

  1. Cassy February 27, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    You’re making my brain hurt again with all those statistics… Or numbers. All that stuff that confuses this Brit. I’d just really like my beloved Bruins to go thru to the Eastern Conference finals this year. I’d like them to win the Cup, natch, but getting a bit further…

    Then again, I’d also like to see the Pens meet the Hawks and Tazer to snog Sid and make Kaner jealous. Little pleasures, little pleasures…

  2. Pants February 27, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Wah waaaaaah. I’m hanging up my psychic powers – the Hawks one today, but the rest of these teams lost. So much for my powers of mind control.

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