Blackhawk Down!

25 Feb

My future's so bright...

So Patrick Kane likes his booze and his bunnies? What is wrong with that? I’ll wear a costume if it will get me a little bit of this and a little bit of that! Furbies rock! I don’t judge either. But if it starts interfering with your play, then maybe we need an intervention. Here is the incident:

ooopy - that's a dude - dude.

There are Alleged Photos (um above) of Patrick Kane Drunk. Some Suggested He May Have Missed Practice Because of a Hangover.

Patrick Kane needs to stay away from anyone with a camera. Last year, the internet was hit with a bunch of photos featuring Patrick Kane and some puck bunnies from Vancouver. Then there were photos of him after an alleged one-night stand. This year, a series of Patrick Kane photos have hit Deadspin and they’re not flattering.

Patrick Kane reportedly missed practice on Monday and Tuesday of this week due to a bout of the flu. Meanwhile, Deadspin has posted photos that may suggest otherwise. The Patrick Kane photos show the Blackhawks star partying in a bar. It’s been suggested that the photos may have been taken Sunday night, just before he missed practice with the flu.

Here is exclusive video that got him in trouble:

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