Imponderable Conundrum.

12 Feb

What do you do when your two favorite teams are playing each other? Who do you root for? That was the imponderable conundrum of the day when the Washington Capitals played the LA Kings today. At least for me. So what do you all do? I figure there are no losers! Either way I’m a winner! Which was sort of good because in my heart, I was hoping that the Capitals would win and they didn’t. The good news was, Mike Green played – YAY!

I'm baaaack ......!

Bad news, they lost 4-1. Boo – hiss. Varly gave up three goals (shocker – I KNOW!) in the third period after Ovechkin started the game off with a sizzler, scoring on my other honey, double D TBG in a mere 66 seconds into the game – 8 on 8 – awesomeness!

But that was the only Caps highlight to be had. When will the Caps get a real goalie? OK – I’ll stop asking that question. OK – no I won’t. But the good news, Mike Green played. I know, I already said that. What can a girl do? *sigh* Go Caps!


One Response to “Imponderable Conundrum.”

  1. Cassy February 13, 2011 at 12:24 am #

    I am a little alarmed that I read this blog so much I know who double D TBG is, what it means and that I know it’s not a reference to breast size ;).

    I was waiting for a goalie comment too – you delivered!

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