You Guess, I Guess.

10 Feb

So what do the San Jose Sharks do on their one day off before handing the Washington Capitals a giant goose egg? Well, this is where the fun begins. You guess and then I guess. Then we discover together the correct answer of how those wacky fun loving Sharkies spend their valuable time off when they’re not singing Christmas songs for 8-track cassette players in ugly Christmas sweaters:

A. Go to any and all strip clubs, gentlemen clubs, casinos and bars in a 5 mile radius of the hotel.

Dude looks like a lady .. where do I put the $1?

B. Sleep the whole day, dude. That is one long ass flight and a 3 hour time difference! I need my beauty rest. Besides, hockey players are known for their naps. Jet lag sucks.

napping is for losers!

C. Go on an educational, team building museum tour of archival documents that tell of the United States’ plan of invading Canada that were declassified only in 1974.

Well, according to research the most popular answer WOULD be A. Evidently that is the normal past time of many hockey players. I did not know this but Mr. Cherrie gave me one of those, “Duh.” looks men give women when we say ‘those things.’ Note to self, read Maxim before I go to San Jose next week. But if you chose that answer for the San Jose Sharks’ day off in our Capital, you would be wrong.

Another popular answer and MY PICK, would have been B. God knows, I love a good nap. I envy my cats every day as I toddle off to work. And everyone knows – even me –  that napping is a popular past time for hockey players. But if you picked B, you would be WRONG again.

look ma, I kept my jersey on! And I'm smart!

So that leaves us with C. And yes, that is exactly how Jumbo Joe and the crew spent their one day off in Washington D.C. Boring you say? Not so. They got a VIP tour of documents that normal people don’t get to see and evidently that included ones mentioned above. If you want to read the whole article, here is the link. (link) It was arranged by the second cousin of one of the players who was sent down to the minor league AHL team on SUNDAY, the day before the trip. Talk about a suck-fest.

So I guess all that brain stimulation helped more than a nap did for the SJ Sharks since they beat the Caps. Note to BB, maybe more team building and brain stimulation and less napping for the Cappings?! Just a thought.


3 Responses to “You Guess, I Guess.”

  1. Pants February 10, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    I’m going to have to ask Rookie of the Year candidate Logan Couture to explain the invasion plan to me. I wonder if it looks like my plan to invade Canada.

    The Sharks are in NYC today, and they’re looking for things to do. You can Tweet them your ideas. We should make a “Flat Stanley”-type icon for them to bring around on these adventures.

  2. Chuck February 10, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    Who knew my Joey was so smart? I knew there was a reason I like him. He’s a nerd like me.

    Pants – does your Canadian Invasion Plan include dressing up as a Mountie and launching an death squad of beavers? No? Because that would be my plan…

    Since the Sharks are being all historical like, they should totally go to Ellis Island.

  3. dawncherrie February 10, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    Who knew a dude who can’t seem to keep his shirt on was so smart? I certainly didn’t! But they love their museum trips! I think they should do the under ground tunnels – aren’t there some in NY? A whole other city? We should make them a flat jumbo joe and send it to them …

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