Goalies Gone Wild Update

4 Feb

one punch johnson

Evidently Brent Johnson’s back-up back-up job should be golden glove boxing because the ex-beauty contestant Rick DiPietro is now out 4-6 WEEKS with a fractured jaw. Great googley-moogleys! One punch Johnson they call him from now on and I bet you he’ll get a wide birth in the Pen’s locker room.

I doubt he'll be doing this again for a while

won't be looking like this either

Pssst… Brent. I have a HUGE favor but don’t tell anyone. If there is a bench clearing brawl on Sunday, could you please make a beeline for Varly? I know, I know, I’m a Caps fan but well, ya know. I hear you have a wikkid left hook and one pop is all I ask and word has  it, that’s all you need. But if any0ne asks, Pants said it, not me.


One Response to “Goalies Gone Wild Update”

  1. Pants February 4, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    Please, like I’d waste my one Caps-related punch on Varly. They’ll all be aiming for Steckel.

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