Drop it like it’s Gronk

1 Feb

Dude, remember that time Jordan Staal knocked you to the ice with a single punch?  You went down like shot of tequila.  From here it looked like this:

Staalsy got a 5-minute major, then a match penalty.  He’s automatically suspended for the Penguins next game unless the NHL intervenes.  We say Prust could steal Natalie Portman’s Oscar for this ballet performance.  Penalty? Yes.  Suspension?  We’re calling shenanigans.

[Wednesday UPDATE:  The NHL agreed with us, Staal will play tonight vs. NYI.]

Remember when Dustin Jeffrey got called up from the AHL this morning, played 19.5 minutes and scored his second goal of the night to complete the Pens’ comeback and win the game in a shootout?  From my seat it was:

The Penguins announced Jeffrey’s call-up at 10:45 AM.  He was magically on the ice at practice 3o min later.  He’s been called up a few times to replace Malkin, who is now traveling with the team but still day-to-day.  Jeffrey’s making a great case, I hope they can find a regular spot for him.

PS: Sorry NYRFan Steph.  I love living at your house, though.

Remember when Gronk believed in haircuts?


2 Responses to “Drop it like it’s Gronk”

  1. dawncherrie February 2, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    J Staal welcome to Ovi’s areana. When your high profile, you get the microscope. Gotta watch yourself. You don’t get to play under the radar. Or you just have a wikkid left.

  2. NYR Fan February 2, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    Pants, you are so lucky you’re lovable 🙂

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