Working for the Weekend

27 Jan

I hope you’ve cleared your schedules for All-Star weekend.  If you’re not snowed in (Chuck) or 2839.97 miles away (me), please go to the events and report back!  At least the free stuff, like…

Red Carpet Arrivals []

Saturday, prior to the Honda NHL SuperSkills, players will arrive at the RBC Center to a red carpet runway. The players will arrive at staggered times from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  All will walk and interact with fans and media.

Hive five, great success.

Schedule of Events (all televised on Versus):

Friday – 8 PM ET (5 PM here, leaving work early!)

NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft

Saturday – 7:00 PM ET

NHL Skills Competition

Sunday – 4:00 PM ET

NHL All-Star Game

I got it!

This works out well for me since I’m moving out of my apt and all I have left is a beach chair and my television.  I can tape up boxes while I watch the festivities.  I’m guessing the draft will be my new favorite part of the event, because it’s likely to be more competitive than the actual game.

One Response to “Working for the Weekend”

  1. Cassy January 27, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    What!? I can watch the game on TV?! At like, NOT stupid o’clock?

    Be still me beating heart! I shall be duly lusting over LePretty, Sad Face Alternate Captain Mike (woot!) and cheering on my hero TIMMMMAAYY!

    Still gutted Bergy isn’t there. GUTTED! But I can hope Chara’s on the Staal team, right?

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