Sad Panda Bear

25 Jan

Today is failing at life.

First off, it snowed this morning just in time for my morning commute to work.  (Me + slippery snow – no morning caffeine = grumpy) We are supposed to get 8-12″ more tomorrow night and the Bruins got shut out by the LA Kings last night. Then I get to work and read on that Marc Savard has been diagnosed with his second concussion in 10 months and will not play.

Thanks, Hockey Gods.  Way to add more rock salt to my wounds.

OW!...quit it...

Savard took a hit from former teammate Matt Hunwick on Saturday in the Bruins’ 6-2 win over the Avalanche.  While this latest concussion is deemed “moderate”, this news still leaves me feeling sad and frankly worried for Savvy’s future. I worry that this is the beginning of the slow, downward spiral of yet another talented player’s hockey career.

One very sad Canadian Panda. It breaks my heart.

Many an NHL superstar has been felled by this dreaded injury (i.e. the Lindros Brothers, Pat Lafontaine, Matthew Barnaby, Keith Primeau, Adam Deadmarsh, Steve Moore, etc, etc.) and while the league has taking measure to lessen these injuries and punish those who intent to injure, the fact remains that concussions will always be a part of the game.

Until they encase everyone in bubble wrap and staple fluffy pillows to the boards.

"Mommmmmmmmm, can I play hockey NOW?"

Not likely, folks.  Hockey is a contact sport – a rough, physically demanding game where 200 lb men skate at top speed straight into each other, sometimes with enough force to shatter glass.  Insane, right?  But we love it all the same.

I hope that Marc can recover soon.  I hope he can rejoin his team (who have been playing amazingly well as of late.  Last night’s hiccup excluded, of course.) and help them as they push toward the playoff.  I sincerely, with all my heard, hope that his career as one of the preeminent NHL centermen is not over.

Because that would also make me one very sad panda.

We want less “sad” and more of this please…

Happy PANDA!



4 Responses to “Sad Panda Bear”

  1. dawncherrie January 25, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    Yeah, when I heard that it made me sad too. BTW – Mr. Cherrie was driving to work and saw a girl with a Panda hat on actually crying and it made him laugh because it really WAS A SAD PANDA FACE. Ironic I know. We wish Marc a speedy FULL recovery.

  2. Pants January 25, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    Was it an SF Giants panda hat? Because Pablo Sandoval’s name is Panda? Man they make a lot of money off those.

    Sorry about Savvy, Chuck. It’s v sad. Especially because I’ll miss his hilarious goal-scoring celebrations.

    • Chuck January 26, 2011 at 6:37 am #

      I need this panda hat ASAP! Does it look anything like what Ben Stiller wears when lost in the jungle in “Tropic Thunder”?

  3. Cassy January 26, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    Ok so I can go to Beantown and nurse Savvy right? Cause he’s more my age and stuff. And cute. And Canadian. Weakness revealed. Oops.

    Concussion is just bloody awful, but if I bleat on about it and its wholly unpredictable nature again, I fear not only the wrath of Pants but also that of Chuck AND Dawn too…

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