Hockey on Hulu

19 Jan

On vacation, sans Center Ice, I discovered that the NHL is now on Hulu! So if you’d rather watch outdated hockey games you know the ending of than Underworld for the 80th time, now you can:

Cleeeeeek on me.

The content is a little outdated, but you can watch condensed games (known as highlights to the rest of us) and full games.  For the Penguins, the last highlights are 1/12 and full game is the Winter Classic.

Each team’s site also has features, like “A Day in the Life” and player profiles, like this ridiculously cute footage of Martin St. Louis and his kids – Squishy and Squishy Jr and Lil’ Squishy! All were previously available on [Video].

Can I wear my helmet to school?

There are even classic games – and I screamed when I saw a Whalers jersey.  The broadcast was so lo-res it hurts my brain, but the power of Zarley Zalapsky restored me!

It's a hockey stadium. In a mall.

This is very exciting if you travel, or if you get annoyed when they don’t even show the good parts of Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale making out on TBS.

One Response to “Hockey on Hulu”

  1. Chuck January 20, 2011 at 7:11 pm #


    Long live the whale!

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