Who’d You Rather? or Secret Bromance?

18 Jan

So now that the Cap’s ‘Guardian’ has been unveiled, I think it’s time for a WUYS poll:  If you were the last female, or hey, let’s not be unfair here, dudes too, on earth and had to reproduce with either of these ‘Guardians’ which one would it be; provided it was possible? And let’s suspend all disbelief here for shits and giggles because that’s really the point.

I can’t wait for the action figures and the movie to be honest because I’m going to make my own – Robot Chicken-style. Sonic Scream-my ass! SONIC BOOM is more like it where The Eagle gets all the chicks from with in a 30,000 mile radius!

BIO:”The Penguin” as a character mirrors the recent history of the city of Pittsburgh. He was raised the son of a steel worker and he grew up watching his dad work in the steel mills. The toughness and gritty determination to provide left an indelible imprint on him.

However, he’s a visionary and he loves thinking about how to improve the world around him especially when it comes to his native Pittsburgh. He is a gifted inventor and has a love of science and innovation.

Of all the Guardians, the Penguin is the least willing to be placed into a box. He considers himself a renaissance man, able to adapt to a variety of conditions. In exterior appearance, the Penguin is an impressive looking superhero, mostly human features except for a set of Penguin like wings attached to his arms. The wings, like that of an actual Penguin, don’t enable him to fly but rather they allow him to maneuver both in the air and especially at sea.


BIO:The Capital’s back-story centers on his work for the U.S. government. He believes that he has spent the better part of his life as a CIA operative working on some of the country’s most highly classified details. He is a master interrogator and has a keen sense for assessing any situation. He can read people just by looking at them and predicting the actions of his adversaries is second nature to him. He’s spent more than a decade working as a spy and has travelled the world. He can speak any language and can adapt to any culture. In short, the Capital can blend in with any environment and manipulate any situation from the inside. To assist him in his undercover activities, the Capital possesses the ability of shape shifting, which is a necessity for a 7-foot eagle trying to blend in with the crowd.

The Capital takes the form of a giant half-man, half bird. He’s roughly 7 feet tall and his wingspan is twice that. He has the head and feet of an Eagle and the arms and hands of a human. He can soar to incredible heights and possesses the ability of telescopic sight allowing him to pinpoint objects from well over 30,000 feet. He also has a sonic scream that can physically destroy objects and bad guys.


One Response to “Who’d You Rather? or Secret Bromance?”

  1. Chuck January 18, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    Based on the fact that the Penguin is a MAN and not a BIRD, I’m going to have to go with – The Penguin.

    Personally, I’d love to go with the Bruin (http://youtu.be/KPF4vVLKo1w) but again – he’s a animal.

    And I’m definitely not into that.

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