Why I Love HNIC.

16 Jan

it's a beauty - eh?

Evidently I am not the only one completely in love with DREW ‘TOUCHED BY GOD’ DOUGHTY. I was feeling like the only LA King’s fan in the WORLD and I may still be. But HNIC’s big game this weekend was Edmonton VS LA KING’s and not only were we treated to a special highlight of LA KINGS Legendary Goalie Rogie Vachon, it was basically a DREW DOUGHTY LOVE-FEST! ALL OF CANADA, or at least all the staff at HNIC is in love with DREW ‘TOUCHED BY GOD’ DOUGHTY. While the Washington Capitals have the Ovechcam, a camera solely focused on everything Ovechkin – total GOLD – this game had a DREW DOUGHTY-CAM.

touched by god

They even interviewed him during the first intermission. And when they weren’t interviewing him, they were asking his teammates what it was like to play with him! totes-awesomeness! He also got the first star of the game, had his third goal of the season, a crushing hip check on Taylor Hall which led to yet another interview, with Taylor Hall – ABOUT DREW ‘TOUCHED BY GOD’ DOUGHTY! and a huge dog pile on Drew, (he’s at the bottom of this pile) which he took like a man and came out smelling like a rose!

All and all, one of the BEST HNIC ALL YEAR! Also because LA won! Of course, until NEXT WEEK when the Capitals take Toronto! They love to hate Ovi! But last time Ovi was on HNIC they all but creamed their pants over him so can’t wait for that one. THAT WILL BE A SHOW. Two weeks in a row … GOD BLESS CANADA and HNIC! The Great Grapes will gripe and groan and Ovi will love it all! Whether he scores or not, Ovi always puts on a show for them. 😉


One Response to “Why I Love HNIC.”

  1. CHUCK January 17, 2011 at 7:41 am #

    You’re not the only Kings fan in the world. My cousin Thomas and my friend Aaron are die-hard Kings fans…although lately their tweets and text have been less than complementary. But I totally understand frustration (*ahempatriots*)

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