Everybody Loves All-Stars

12 Jan

Pretty much every team has posted their All-Stars’ reactions to being selected, so there are a ton of videos.  But I like this one best – it’s Team Dawn and Team Pants.  I think these two are the only Capitals NOT in a bromance, despite the enthusiasm of their on-ice hugging. [Video]  PS: I still hate the Caps.

Ovi, who cuts your hair?! Backstrom?

Mike laughs because he'd kinda scared.

Ovi wants to be on Mike’s team so he doesn’t have to check him.  But you know he kinda hopes to, just to see what everyone else is so excited about.

And I randomly picked the Lightning because Squishy made the ASG team.  Chuck and I think he is the besteset.  And I still think of him reading his NHL Awards speech off his PDA – presh.  Stammer is so blond, that could the power of their NHL Guardian.  Invisible due to lack of pigmentation. [Video]

You can't see me.

And the hometown boys, mostly because Eric Staal has a billion points for me this season.  He doesn’t smile once in this interview, while Cam Ward can’t stop.  How fun to play in front of your home crowd. [Video]

Captain Serious

Cam gets bonus points for starring in one of my fave commercials so far this season.  It’s just so southern!


2 Responses to “Everybody Loves All-Stars”

  1. Cassy January 12, 2011 at 10:58 am #

    I don’t care if Ovi cut his hair cause Dawn told him it would make me like him – didn’t work. Fidget should wanna be on Staal’s team! Cause we all know Staal’s gonna be captian of one of the teams. And I’d like to see Sid and Ovi on the same team. Just to see what would happen :D.

  2. dawncherrie January 12, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Um … Ovi’s mother cut’s his hair. Honest to god. Totes serious. I don’t know if that’s who did it this time but that’s who usually does. 🙂 I wish it hadn’t happened. not a good look this time out but his skin looks so, so, so touchable! yumy!

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