My House Is Bugged Part II

5 Jan

Here is a novel idea, a post that’s not about the Caps or the Pens or about some hot, young hockey buck! I KNOW! The HORROR! But Puck Daddy had a link from a site called VIEW FROM MY SEATS by Matt Reitz that listed 30 things he was looking forward to in 2011. On it was something that Mr. Cherrie called to my attention that sent me into a fit! A fit of the YES I AM ALWAYS RIGHT and the SEE I TOLD YOU SO and the ever popular I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL ALONG!

Although I am loathed to mention that I called Vancouver for the westcoast side for the Stanley cup, it doesn’t mean I heart the Cancuckled-heads. I hate them. Yes, they are the closest NHL team to me but I’d rather fly across the US and see the Caps play and pay $500 or $1000 in airfare plus hotel and god know what else – basically a small fortune – than drive 2.5 hours for gas money and change – oh but I forgot about the nazi-esque pat down at the border now – to see Vancouver play unless it’s next year when they actually play Washington.

OK – my point? Matt said and I quote PROUDLY: “Vancouver Canucks: I can’t wait for the moment that people realize Roberto Luongo isn’t quite as great as people think he is.”

the real roberto luongo

I know, this contradicts my prediction that Vancouver is the west coast team for the Stanley Cup but that would make me happy to be wrong. LA Kings Anyone?

One Response to “My House Is Bugged Part II”

  1. Pants January 7, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Now every time I see Luongo, I am going to shout, “A LA PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES!”

    (I do think a lot anyway, you’ll have to look around for Luongo.)

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