Newsies: 3-2-1 Contact

30 Dec

Today’s stories are brought to you in order of importance.  No.  In order of who I think is hottest. (So basically like every day here, right?)

1) Crosby’s point streak ended last night at 25 games and I bet Dawn was ringing a church bell in Spokane.  Sid was pouty-pants after the game, probably as much about the streak as losing the game.  But you know he loved the streak.  And the ‘stache. [Video]

Really, stop.

Babe, just start a new streak on Saturday.  Hell get a hat trick so you can throw this one in those biohazard needle trash bins you see in public bathrooms.  Oh, and please shave.  We (us, your mom, the NHL, even Ovi) want to see your face at the NHL’s premiere event.  Not this thing.

2) I was in denial yesterday and didn’t mention that Jonathan Toews is out 2 weeks with an upper body injury.  He got hit Tuesday in St. Louis [Video] just as they got Patrick Kane back in the lineup.  Get well soon, Tazer!

Totally gratuitous, but it makes ME feel better.

3) The Caps skated outside to prep for the Winter Classic.  I fully cannot handle Mike Green wearing eye black,  because it makes me think of Mike in baseball pants.  Just stop right there. [Video]  Now pray for cold/dry weather.

Look at me, I can be centerfield.

Well that’s my NHL Top 3, in order. My little triumvirate of awesome.  Nothing more to see here.

One Response to “Newsies: 3-2-1 Contact”

  1. Cassy December 30, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    I just finally saw the whole Mike cooks lunch thing.

    No chance I’m not gonna be hands-y :D.

    And I’ll shave Sid if you grab the hat and burn it. I’m sure it’s totally unsanitary by now. And I shudder to think about the whole other thing that needs burned. You know what I’m saying.

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