Mikey Monday: Showstopper

27 Dec

Happy post-Christmas food coma, everyone!  I hope you enjoyed Thursday’s Penguins vs. Capitals shoot out stunner – if that doesn’t get you excited for the Winter Classic, you’re a Scrooge.

Scruffy panda!

Oh Mike.  Stealing the show on 24/7 with your Vespa and then coming alive on the scoreboard for the big game! We love it, baby. Also, love this scruffy look.  Sadly, shaved off by game time.  Booo!

Before the game started I said, “If the Caps have to score, please let it be Mike.”  Well Santa delivered.  Mike got his first goal in 14 A LOT of games to tie this one in the 2nd.  His reaction was the same as mine: FINALLY.  Arms down, looking up with complete relief on his face.   His reward?  Giant hug from Nikky B. [video]

Mike: Thank God. Nikky: FREE HUGS!

Mike played 34+ minutes, got hit a lot and led the Caps with 6 shots: one of them in overtime… oh boy.  Is this a goal?

From The Washington Post: Asked if he thought if the play was a goal, Green replied, stone-faced: “One hundred percent. I’m not going to sleep.” [link]

As a Penguins fan, I’m just glad it’s inconclusive and the ref had to call it off.  Because I’m pretty sure with x-ray vision that’s a goal.  (Right, with x-ray vision I’d be looking at a glove.)  Sad for Mike, because it didn’t count and they went to a shootout.  Greener had another go at Flower, but no luck. Then Pens won 3-2.

The boys all wore their WC hats for the pre-game skate, and apparently Mike didn’t feel his hair was up to par for post-game interviews.

MOM! Have you seen my mittens?!

So Mike had a great game, Flower had a great game and now it is ON for Saturday on the outdoor rink.  We hope (weather conditions not looking great).  But fingers crossed we’ll be ringing in 2011 with Fidget and the Penguins.  Mike can have another great game, but I still want my boys to win.


One Response to “Mikey Monday: Showstopper”

  1. Brittany December 27, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    I absolutely love this blog. Thank you for being as obsessed as I am and WAY funnier than I am.

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