Christmas. Hockey. Irish.

14 Dec

WUYS BFF Cassy spent all day yesterday making sure good little boys and girls were treated to this Christmas delight.  I used to think the Blackhawks had the most fun, with their popsicle eating contests and fake beards, but I was wrong.  The Belfast Giants are the most fun hockey team on Earth.  Super-mega-ultra bonus points for also being Irish.

I can’t even tell you what I would do for a Penguins version of this.  I want to see Malkin as the World’s Largest Elf running behind a kick-line clapping his hands like King Kong.  It’s like outtakes from Score! The Hockey Musical.  And because, face it, you know Crosby can’t dance.  But you really want to see him try.

Thanks Cassy!


2 Responses to “Christmas. Hockey. Irish.”

  1. Cassy December 14, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    I cannot tell a lie…

    My friend Kimmy found the video on Puck Daddy and she posted it on the hocky FF newsgroup which is how I brought it to your attention. Then Mere pointed out that most of those boys are American or Canadian (the world’s tallest elf is American from NJ apparently) and although I tried really hard, Mel did most of the posting tweets to the profiles of all the hockey players on Twitter we’re stalking, sorry following. We knew Loops was on the team bus last night, so we were hoping he caught the tweet to him and shared it with the rest of the Ducks, then hopped over to the Caps dressing room and told them. Along with Puck Daddy, we’re trying to make sure as many NHLers find this as possible!

    Cause then we might just get Malkin as the elf. Personally I’m all for my beloved Bruins doing ditto. Although I’d prefer to see #37 doing the lip-syncing, it would be much funnier if it was Chara…

    I aim to please…

  2. NYR Fan December 14, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    Classic….we would so party with this hockey team lol I especially love the hairbrush microphone – come on – you know you’ve done it 🙂

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