Weekend Warriors

13 Dec

My power to influence the universe continues to impress – I pick Ryane Clowe for Foxy Friday and what happens? He scores 2 goals vs. the Blackhawks on Saturday night and singlehandedly wins the game!  He’s named NHL  First Star of the Week!  I should start gambling.

Thanks Pants! Bet you're sorry now!

Alas, I am mad at Ryane because he made JToews sad. Steph and I only got to cheer 1 Blackhawks goal and spent the rest of the game getting booed.  I am taking it all back, Clowe.  But feel free to score tonight vs. Dallas and I will cheer for you again.

Speaking of Captain Serious, you should definitely go to a Blackhawks road game.  There were about 20 Hawks fans in the place and only 2 of us were girls.  Let’s just say pre-game skate FTW and it’s a good thing we were sitting down.  These guys are not like the Penguins who (while surrounded by fans even on the road) almost never interact with anyone.  The Hawks are not shy.  And Jonathan Toews looking right at you from six inches away… Stephanie practically had to mop me off the floor.

Sorry... what was I saying?

Dawn did not mention that in the Capitals 7-0 loss to the Rangers, Ovi dropped the gloves with Brandon Dubinsky.  The same guy Mike Green fought back in November!  This fight was much more manly, because Ovi is a scary dude. [Video]

How do you say "your mother" in Russian?

The Penguins extended their winning streak to 12 games and Crosby has points in 18 straight.  His career high streak is 19, which he’ll go for Tuesday vs. Philadelphia.  Marc-Andre Fleury is the #2 Star of the Week and Malkin is likely to return this week.  And this is still happening:

Whatever works.


2 Responses to “Weekend Warriors”

  1. Cassy December 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm #

    1) You lucky girls getting that intense stare. Wow. I’m not saying I’d ever go for Tazer, but…wow…Intense.

    2) Ryane Clowe – yeah saw that on Twitter this am and was positive that your Foxy Friday shout out inspired the dude!

    3) That’s it. The ‘tache has got to go. It’s just…wrong. But given he’s wearing it with that hat…oh good lord, he doesn’t think the ‘tache has magical goal-giving properties does he? ‘Cause we all know how superstitious the Next One is.


    • dawncherrie December 13, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

      Oh, did I fail to mention that? 😉 yeah I was too depressed to go in-depth on the monemental meltdown they are in …. sigh. Going back to bed now. Dreaming of last year when they were actually good. What good was that trade with Fleischman for that useless piece of crap from Colorado? Seriously? He trip Varly and allowed a goal. I could go on and on … They are like watching the Keystone Cops now and I don’t even like that kind of humor.

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