Mikey Monday

13 Dec

Fidget has the flu, which kept him out of last night’s spanking by the Rangers.  Dawn always says they can’t play without him.  We volunteer our in-home nursing services and hope Mike is better for Wednesday’s game vs. Anaheim.

Back on Nov 29, the Capitals did a team building day at the FBI training facility at Quantico.  This looks like SO much fun.  Even if Ovi was invited.  (Special shout out to WUYS pal Cassy – there is some prime Brooks Laich in here for ya!)  Mike shows us how to bust in a door, shoot an automatic weapon and wear earplugs. [Video]

Ready or not...

Mike is dressed in red for maximum visibility (inner publicist applause).  Watching this video proves that the Capitals do not need team building.  They are so touchy-feely and Mike is always involved.  This whole team is a big bromance. I can’t picture Bourdreau telling them to “hug it out,” but something is going on here.

Free hugs!

If they keep playing the way they have been, maybe BB can send them to marriage counseling.  Or they can take their frustrations out like this (Dawn’s favorite part of the video), on the Explosives Field:

Oh, you are HILARIOUS.

Feel better, Fidget.  And prepare to get rocked on 12/23 by Crosby and Co. I love ya, but not that day.


One Response to “Mikey Monday”

  1. Cassy December 14, 2010 at 4:26 am #

    Pants – STOP telling everyone about my Laich love! I want to be able to hold my head up in Boston next time I drink/get drunk with the coaching team!

    OK, thoughts;

    1) Who let Ovi near a gun? Just sayin’
    2) Yeah the hugging it out thing. Somethin’ going on there for sure.
    3) I think all of us Fidget fans should take note of his new finger-printing skills. Just sayin’
    4) Whoever that was at the start of the SWAT thing – nice ass!

    And yes, I’ll volunteer to nurse Fidget through his flu – I am available 😀

    Still giggling over the Belfast Giants video rofl.

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