I’ll Never Stop.

10 Dec

My brain is like the All-Crosby Channel. Check out this video of Sid practicing his hand-eye coordination and stick handling.  Reebok, you bring us all the best b-roll.

You might think “wow” or “impressive” or even “oo-er.”  I’m thinking, “Why can’t he do this while wearing a tank top?  Come on!

You may have seen this one – the Pyramid Trick.  Shut the front door. I mean, he probably spends ALL his time doing this by himself in a sad, empty arena but still… WOW.

The guy can’t help it!  I love the end.  He’s thinking, “You know you want it.” He may have a point.

Call me up if you want gangsta.


One Response to “I’ll Never Stop.”

  1. Cassy December 11, 2010 at 8:54 am #

    We know your brain is an All-Crosby channel and we bless you for it darling!

    Even that rabid Caps fan, Dawn.

    I have officially declared myself Fauxnadian on Twitter. 😀

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