Shannon, do you like my hat?

3 Dec

Somebody scored himself a hattie last night, taking the League lead in points and tying Stamkos for the lead in goals.  And he did it all with a pervy pseudo-mustache.  Oh Sidney… please shave. Even I can’t get past it.  No one is attractive enough to pull this off.

I'm begging you.

Crosby has points in 14 straight games and the Penguins are 10-0-1 in their last 11.  It was Sid’s second hat trick in a week and his first-ever natural hat trick.  Even Mr. Pants commented on Sid’s general awesomeness.  Video

Things a goalie does NOT want to see.

Fleury has won 7 in a row and can’t stop smiling. Neither can I!  With his messy hair, he’s like a 5-year old that just ate a bag of Pixie Sticks.  Video

Goalie Grin

The Penguins are atop their division with 36 points, trailed closely by Philly (grrrrr).  Only Washington has more points in the entire League.  If things keep up, the end of December will be a Pants vs. Dawn showdown: the two teams play 12/23 at Washington and of course on 1/1 in the Winter Classic.  Bring it!

Right column favorite: WON 8

PS: I’ve never seen Far and Away, but Matty D quotes the line, “Shannon, do you like my hat?” to me all the time.  This is definitely what he meant, right?


One Response to “Shannon, do you like my hat?”

  1. MattyD December 4, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    Totally. “Far and Away” was all about Irish immigrants making it big in the scrappy underbelly of turn-of-the-century Boston hockey.

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