Mikey Monday

29 Nov

Fidget missed a game this week with that “undisclosed upper body injury,” then came back Sunday vs. Carolina only to be helped off the ice after blocking a shot with his knee.  I bet Mikey fell down a lot as a kid.

@wyshynski – Boudreau on Green: “Have you ever blocked a shot? They friggin hurt.”

Apparently Mike is fine and will be back in the lineup next game.  But maybe he should keep away from sharp edges.

This man now owns a Vespa.

I’m still eating pie, so I give you this video of Mikey & Ovi visiting a middle school in ’08.  It does more than I could anyway.  In it:

– Ovi wears seriously Russian jeans.  Bonus: cell phone on the pocket!

– Mike ruins a passing drill.

– Mike stands behind the play to avoid falling on children.

– Mike misses the only defensive play of the day.

– These middle school kids are what, 13? 14?  Why are none of these girls trying to flirt with Mike? He totally looks like he’s in a boy band.  I would have been all over that.


One Response to “Mikey Monday”

  1. dawncherrie November 29, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    That first video really scared me … Good thing he had a helmet on both in the video and playing hockey! good god!

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