Shaken, Stirred and I Can’t Fricken Believe it! BOTB Winner Is …

22 Nov
I would never have called this!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

ValKat! and I’m not just sayin’ it because that who is I have been championing all season! I honestly would not have called this in my wildest dreams and if you’ve been following my posts, you know THOSE ARE PRETTY DAMN WILD. HOLY SIDNEY CROSBY IN MARIO LEMIEUX’S BASEMENT! I sat in front of the TV with my jaw on the floor speechless which is actually a very rare state to ever find me – ask Mr. Cherrie.

I was going to whine about how I had to suffer through two nights of TWO HOURS of BOTB this week, normally I have to watch only and hour on Sunday a mercifully short half hour on Monday. But this week the one hour finale was a super painful – chock-full of all sorts of non-sense filler including an all-men’s skate of a cowboy theme about save a horse, ride a cowboy. Which well, yes, I would, in fact, like to take Val up on that. I won’t further bore you with any of that.

yeah ... baby!

But I will comment about the night before because the guest judge was actually someone you might know because I actually remember watching him skate back in the 1984 Olympics and he was simply adorbs last night. He was Christopher Dean, the ice dancing male partner of the famous gold medalists of Torvill and Dean who wowed the world with their amazing performance of “Bolero”.


Anyway, his comments were fabulous and funny and spot on, his hair was AMAZING and after ValKat skated his comment sent Sandra Bezik and every female in the audience and watching into a warm and giggly mass of hysteria which created a perfect storm that must have sent every female in Canada to the phone and the internet to vote for Valeri – good job my man, good job! Mission accomplished. As Christopher said after ValKat skated, “Shaken, stirred and still standing!” YOW! See, I’m not the only one hot and bothered after they skate. 😉

It actually reaffirms my faith in people who if you are the best in a competition, you might actually win regardless of your nationality. So I will apologize Canada – I’m glad you saw past the pair as Russian and awarded them the trophy because they were skating for Canadian charities. They were truly on another level than any other pair out there week after week. It was a win-win all around.

So now my Sunday nights will be pain-free – oh yeah, until that special in December called “After the Ice” or something which will reveal secrets of this last season now that the winners have been revealed. Please, please, please for the love of God, stop beating this dead, sparkly unicorn!

Little pre-season interview nugget with Val that I found – God he’s adorable.


One Response to “Shaken, Stirred and I Can’t Fricken Believe it! BOTB Winner Is …”

  1. Pants November 23, 2010 at 5:59 am #

    My fave quote from this history of this blog: “Stop beating this dead, sparkly unicorn!”

    VALKAT! I have watched zero BOTB except the clips you post and even I know they deserve victory. Somewhere, I think JR is crying.

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