Mikey Monday: Circular File

22 Nov

I have been on a plane ALL day and I nearly paid $12.99 for in-flight wireless just so I could get this Mikey Monday update done!  Alas, it’s a good thing I didn’t post before the Capitals vs. Devils game.  Also a good thing I didn’t fly into Jersey early to see said game, or Mike would be making it up to me with free tickets to his charity concert and a hot tub party at his place. (Hey, wait.)

I followed the game on Twitter, cracking up at the vitriol that can fit into 140 characters.  As the entire team, without exception, appears to have guest starred in an SNL skit for “Oops I Crapped My Pants,” Mikey Monday has only one thing to say this week:

Get to it, Green.

Okay, two things.  I love the internet.


One Response to “Mikey Monday: Circular File”

  1. dawncherrie November 22, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    This is so apropos. I am going to do a post about WHAT THE F. is happening to the CRAPS! Seriously! They are imploding or playing like they don’t give a crap. I may fly out and unleash a can of whoop ass. Ovi needs to quit promoting his doughy ass and start fricken’ playing. OVER IT LIKE A RAINBOW. ughhhhhhh!

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