File Under May-December Bromance…

20 Nov

Nikky B has some competition for Ovi

And you thought it was all Nicklas Backstrom? Ovi has a sugar daddy and it’s Teddy Leonis! Check out his snuggle buddy/fest outside his DVD release last week. Looks like Nicky has some competition.  Alex talks about what to expect when watching his new DVD which is now available in stores EVERYWHERE (YES – I pre-ordered my copy AGES ago. OK – Mr. Cherrie ordered it – God I am a lucky girl! I have it cued up but NO, I haven’t watched it yet.)

Ted even answers over some questions just like Mr. Cherrie does for me and vice-versa with Alex defering to Teddy-bear. It’s adorbs. So Ovi has my vote for the best Metro-sexual Bromancer in the NHL. Which is probably why MAX TALBOT was upset. He was SHUT DOWN because maybe Ovi didn’t like MAX’S opening moves. Next time MAX, try a little less aggression and maybe a softer approach, suggest dinner and movie? It worked for Nicky! Or perhaps Toews and Kaner can help a brother out, their bromance seems to be flourishing. The French evidently don’t know EVERYTHING …

Watch here …Dan Steinberg.

Oh and … from the Washington Post interview Dan Steinberg article which is an addendum to the video interview above, this fabulous tidbit and quote: (I totally called it! – DC)

“SHIRTLESSNESS: By my count, Ovechkin is shirtless playing basketball, playing tennis, driving his car, riding in an elevator, introducing his family members, and touring his Miami Beach penthouse. I’d say a conservative estimate is that he spends 97 percent of the 60-minute DVD without a shirt.”

“Yeah, I have great body man, I have great body,” he explained. “Girls love it.” – Ovechkin *sigh* I think I need some alone time with this. Maybe me, Nicky and Ted can pop some popcorn, snuggle up on the coach and watch it all together? That’s a thought! Hell, I’d even invite Max too! The more the merrier … 😉


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