Because I Can’t Get Enough of Mr. Duff

18 Nov

I couldn’t make this up so I’m just going to quote this directly from the Montreal Gazette, “Starlet (I would use this word loosely – very loosely-DC) Hilary Duff told Access Hollywood about the days before her August wedding to NHL player Mike Comrie: They agreed on a first-dance song for the reception, Ben E. King’s Stand By Me, but then she “made Mike take a dance class … He was so mad at me! He was like … ‘We don’t need a dance class!’ ” ( I didn’t notice a ‘WE’ in that sentence but that’s just me-DC)

even trolls live happily even after

Being the man (again, I would use this word loosely too-DC), however, he did as he was told. But then “on the day of the wedding, my dress is so tight that once we’re making our way onto the floor I’m like, ‘Hey – change of plans. We’re just gonna sway back and forth like middle school days. No dancing.’ (ummm… preview of the wedding night? – DC) And he’s like, ‘You made me practice for four hours! I’m doing the dance!’ ”

Need I tell you that finally they just swayed?”

what a mrs. duff wants, mrs. duff gets

She also was recently quoted in this week’s US Weekly as saying that he is a manly man that can chop wood but is also her best friend and likes shopping.

Sounds like she got the best part of the deal but then why she didn’t just go to the pound and adopt a bitch, I have no idea. There are plenty of dogs in need of a home. But I guess this one comes with a $500 million estate and a one year contract with the Penguins. Good choice Mrs. Duff.

Until she opens her trap again, which will be soon enough, more Duff Stuff …


2 Responses to “Because I Can’t Get Enough of Mr. Duff”

  1. Pants November 18, 2010 at 2:42 pm #

    So many people want the Pens to cut him for under-performing. The campaign is a little rabid. I love your commentary: having to call someone “starlet ______” means you aren’t really.

  2. dawncherrie November 18, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    Yeah .. and I thought I was the only snarky person about the couple! 😉

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