What Hurts the Most

16 Nov

… is being sooooooooo cloooooooooooose… ugh, I hate the guy from Rascall Flatts’ voice but there is no other way to describe Pittsburgh’s loss to the Rangers last night.  Unless you’re Mr. Pants and (just to be an ass) you’re suddenly a Rangers fan who wants a vintage jersey.  Shut up or you’re paying for the wedding.

It was 1-0 Rangers with just 2:31 remaining in regulation when Chris Kunitz scored.  Kris Letang leaped on him like a lizard – it was adorable.  1-1 tie, whooping in my living room.


38 seconds later, Matt Cooke scored to make it 2-1 Penguins with under two minutes to go.  Pants pandemonium. Lundqvist broke his stick over the crossbar, then took a penalty for chucking it down the ice.  Not very Swedish. (The call was “unsportsmanlike conduct” and Avery served it.  Irony?)

If you can't duct it, chuck it.

So the Rangers were shorthanded, but had 5 skaters because they pulled the goalie.  And then he struck:  Ginger Staal.  Marc Staal scored a shorty with 26 seconds on the clock and sent the game to overtime.  You are dropping to be my 4th favorite Staal behind your little brother Jared who I’ve never even seen.  Maybe behind your mom.

That's it, 5th place for you MStaaaaaaaal.

Ryan Callahan completed his Gordie How hat trick with an absolutely indefensible goal and the Rangers won.  Poor Flower.  The Pens were really strong the whole game, with a total of 39 shots on goal, but couldn’t squeak it by.  UGH.  And Callahan’s goal was a killer.

Nothing you can do here.

You can watch the high/lowlight reel here.  It’s pretty painful unless you’re NYR Fan Stephanie Marino.  Steph and I are going to see Penguins @ Rangers on 11/29 during our East Coast Swing, and I shall have my revenge.  On my watch, no one gets to make Flower look this sad.

Don't worry, MAF, we'll get it back.


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