John Travolta and Trannies …God Loves Canada!

9 Nov


What’s that you say? What do those things have to do with hockey? If you’re Theo Fleury and Todd Warriner you get dressed up as John Travolta in tight white pants and hot purple sparkles and skate to “Saturday Night Fever” and die a slow sad death. If you’re Todd, you cross dress you’re way almost out of the competition skating to “Brick House” if Theo hadn’t almost dropped his partner on her head!

Not hot.

This week’s theme was “From screen to stage” … ahhh. It was more like theme songs from Disaster Movies. I also keep waiting for Kurt Browning and Ron Maclean to start making out at the beginning of each program. They stare into each others eyes so deeply it’s startling. It would also be highly entertaining. More so than some of the skating!

But on to what is REALLY important – How did Val skate? AWESOME – what else would you expect? He pulled another hat trick this week scoring two sixes from the judges! He skated to “From Russia with Love”. I’ve provided the video below because really, words simply don’t do his performance justice. ICE ICE BABY!


2 Responses to “John Travolta and Trannies …God Loves Canada!”

  1. Pants November 9, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    Every one of Val’s Tweets about his wife and kids makes me want to vote for him to win.

    • dwancherrie November 9, 2010 at 3:17 pm #

      I want to believe he read my tweet back to him … even though he never responded … ūüėČ Because even since then, his tweets have been positive and not whiney! ha! It was totally me! And I believe that! did you watch his skate? YOWSA!

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