Mikey Monday: Homecoming

1 Nov

This week’s edition of Mikey Monday practically wrote itself!

Like a Post-It Note on the bathroom mirror, the Caps dumped the Flames on Saturday night.  Hard.  Iginla will be eating Krispy Kremes and cutting Ovi out of photos for at least a week.  Washington scored 6 goals in the 2nd period and won 7-2.  Mike got his first goal of the season and notched 2 assists (in his hometown).  He was all happy post-game, like a smiley porcupine.  (Video here.  Fidget Activity Level: 8 )

Hometown Hero

It had been rough going for the Caps, especially on the power play (no goals in 5 games).  All at once, the entire team broke out.  Ovi scored 2 power play goals in 12 seconds, nearly giving Dawn carpal tunnel as she tried to  text me real-time updates.  Semin and Backstrom each also had a goal + 2 assists.  David Steckel scored on a penalty shot.

Mike’s been falling down a lot lately (twice in this game he “lost an edge” – that’s what I call it when I spaz out too) and got some help Saturday –  Semin hauled Green to the ice celebration, then Ovechkin did it too.  They had a lot to be happy about.


There’s a really sweet article on Mike and his family in the Calgary Herald.  (Sidebar: He went to John G. Diefenbaker high school.  Please tell me you’ve seen the TV show ‘Due South” about the Mountie with the dog named Diefenbaker.  File under: Things only Pants finds funny.)


I should remind myself everyone that I don’t like the Capitals.  Their high-powered offense is bad news for my Penguins.  But I picked up Nuevirth for my fantasy team and I can’t resist games that make Fidget do this:

Smiley face.


One Response to “Mikey Monday: Homecoming”

  1. Chuck November 1, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    That photo of him and Ovi reminds be when I used to go skating with my brother and he’d push me all the way down the ice really fast…then push me right into the boards.

    Oh, brothers…gotta love ’em.

    While I think the nickname “Fidget” is apropos, I think that I will call him “Porcupine”. He could take out an eye with that hair.

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