Squats are the New Black

29 Oct

I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder on Foxy Friday, but Jonathan Toews does.  We asked him to give someone else a minute, but Jon just smiled and did another set of squats.  How are we supposed to compete with that?  Squats are JT’s secret fangirl-destruction device, so we’re creating a category for them here.  Let’s hope we get to use this one a LOT.

Dawn and I were talking yesterday about these photos.  You can get copies for your office and home in the November issue of Men’s Health.

Pants: OMG. O.M.G.

Dawn: He kinda has a fro in this picture.

Pants: You were looking at his hair?!

You can read the whole article here.  It features various athletes, their training regimens and the question “Are You Fit?”  If you’re British and use ‘fit’ to mean ‘foxy,’ then Tazer gets a double yes.

Toews prepares for this demolition derby with full-body exercises that challenge his balance and focus on strength (deadlifts and pushups), explosiveness (box jumps and skater hops), and endurance (lunges and squats). “My training won’t necessarily make me look more muscular,” he says, “but it means I can control my body better than anyone else on the ice. In the end that’s what matters.”

I would like to applaud the universe for giving us this in the same month that Ovi is featured in GQ, coming off like the greasy villain in a Bond movie.  Stay classy, Chicago. Completing the serendipity of a multi-post day for the Hawks, I’m wearing this at work:

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